The History of SBFF

Pastor James & Becky Shurley & Family

James & Becky - '92; Jonathan - '95; Julianne - '98; Justin - '02; Jacob - '05 

James Shurley and Becky Weidel met going to an independant Baptist Church in Kennedale, TX. in 1986 while they were both in High School.  They eventually started dating and, after breaking up and Becky praying James back into a relationship with her, they were married in May of 1992. They lived in Kennedale, and worked in both the childrens and youth ministries of the two churches they attended while at the same time travelling across the southwest as part of the Weidel Family, singing and ministering in many churches each week.  In 1998, they stopped travelling full-time and James enrolled at Arlington Baptist College in the spring of '99.  In the spring of '00, James and Becky both felt the need to leave their home area and attend Bible college together at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO.

While attending Baptist Bible College they underwent some radical trials and tribulations completely unrelated to school work or assignments.  They both believe these things prepared them for the ministry they now have in Seguin.  While at Bible college, James served in various roles at Fundamental Baptist Church in Pleasant Hope, MO. under pastor Rev. Steven Jones.  One of his favorite ministries God allowed him to begin was the prayer ministry during the main worship service inwhich men would join together and pray for the pastor and the sermon to have the effect desired by the Holy Spirit.  At one church, the pastor told James several years later after this ministry had been going on after he left that the pastor believed the prayer ministry had a direct relation to the church's growth.  After Graduation, James and Becky went back to Texas and served as Youth Pastor at Bedford Baptist Temple.